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I'm Diana


Let's get to know each other...


I’m a ridiculously independent woman wanting to help other women that may be finding themselves living a life that’s not exactly what they had planned. So many things can knock us off course, and as we get older it seems a bit scarier to try new things, chase our dreams, right some wrongs, and make shit happen.

So, I have a YouTube channel to share stories of struggles and strengths. I publish a fun newsletter that’s all about encouragement, food, and laughter. And, after two years in the making, I’ve created the best tool in the shed to start each day with gratitude and intention, the My Best Life Journal.

Journaling has been a transformational practice for me and I’m so proud to be able to share that practice with you. The My Best Life Journal will guide you through creating the life you want while being happy with the one you have. I’m here to help you realize that you are not alone in your struggles. They are given to you so you can learn and grow. 

Never stop. Never settle.

I’ve had to reinvent myself a few times along this journey because life got in the way of what I had planned. I went from being a young single mom with a real estate career, to a very comfortable “country club trophy wife” raising stepsons along with my daughter, only to find myself an older single mom again about ten years later. It felt like my career building years had passed and I was playing the catch-up game. And then all of a sudden BOOM the recession hit and the real estate market crumbled.


Honestly, that was the scariest and most alone I had ever felt without a partner to help carry any of the financial hardships. I acquired some bumps and bruises, but I crawled out of that a stronger woman and a better mother with a sense of "Bring In On Life … You Hit Like A Girl!" It’s that attitude and strength that I want to lend other women.

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Over 20+ years as a Real estate Broker taught me to have thick business skin, be self-driven and how to communicate with lots of different personalities, but my heart was never into selling homes. I also owned a feed store and I was a cook/counselor at a ranch for troubled boys. Both of those endeavors were short-lived.

In 2014 a medical issue put my real estate career on hold and turned my world upside down.  I was unable to work and found myself at the mercy of an abusive husband. Unable to relax and heal I had to find a way to earn money from my home as I recovered. Hello, Network Marketing, and the biggest blessing ever! Being able to help others physically with an amazing product, and financially because of the opportunity, was so fulfilling for me. Within six months of starting this “side hustle” I hit the top rank of the company and retired from real estate.

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As a team builder, in an industry dominated by women, I became very aware that so many of us lack confidence and belief in ourselves. It hit me like a ton of bricks to hear how many women aren't where they want to be, not happy or feel stuck but are too scared (or think they are too old) to make changes. 


So, I've decided to follow my passion (starting at 50 years young) to help women by lending strength and encouragement to you through a fun newsletter and YouTube channel all about perspective and different ways to look at situations. I want to give you the tools you need to navigate through life's ruff seasons.  Soon my very favorite tool will be launching (My Best Life Journal) and it's the perfect daily reminder to practice gratitude, stay focused on your future and truly create Your Best Life. I will help you to gain the confidence to know that you are in complete control of the life you live.  


Age is just a number and the only thing we're too old for is procrastination and giving a shit about the opinions of others.

But, enough about me ... I'm here for you, Pretty Lady!!

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