These beautiful journals have thought-provoking prompts guiding you to focus on creating your best life through gratitude, excitement, intention & inspiration. A new quote surprises you every day.

Oh my gosh this journal is by far the best journal I've ever had. Diana you crushed it!!! This is such a well guided journal meant to bring your focus and attention to the things around us to be grateful for, ideas and goals, daily intentions and prioritizing top tasks. I'm truly blessed to have this journal, very well done my friend!! Unbelievably proud of you for creating this and bringing such a powerful vision and tool to life for all of us!!! Love you friend!!!

- Kindra M.

Every morning it never fails I wake up and this is the first thing I want to do, write in my journal! I have never enjoyed writing in a journal until now. I can't believe I've been doing this for an entire week and a half now and I'm so so proud of myself!... i am eternally grateful for Diana for creating this amazing journal!

- Nicole Ann

As the night winds down I’m finally able to spend some time in my new journal. Diana Smith I can’t even begin to tell you all the things I want to about this incredible journal. A few things though. First ... to watch a dream and endeavor come to fruition WOW . Second it’s brilliant. Lastly (but I could say more) you’ve given me an outlet to focus on my intentions, gratitude, ideas and task. My other copy went to my daughter Hannah who is also a dreamer of big dreams . Thank you friend. This is exactly what 2020 needed. Xoxo

- Rebecca B.

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I'm Here For You


I'm Diana

Let's get to know each other...

I’m a ridiculously independent woman wanting to help other women that may be finding themselves living a life that’s not exactly what they had planned. So many things can knock us off course, and as we get older it seems a bit scarier to try new things, chase our dreams, right some wrongs, and make shit happen.

So, I have a YouTube channel to share stories of struggles and strengths. I publish a fun newsletter that’s all about encouragement, food, and laughter. And, after two years in the making, I’ve created the best tool in the shed to start each day with gratitude and intention, the My Best Life Journal.

Journaling has been a transformational practice for me and I’m so proud to be able to share that practice with you. The My Best Life Journal will guide you through creating the life you want while being happy with the one you have. I’m here to help you realize that you are not alone in your struggles. They are given to you so you can learn and grow. 

Never stop. Never settle.

If you believe it will work out you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles. ~Wayne Dyer

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"Hi Diana, Thank you for this. I totally agree. We women never think we are good enough. I am working with friends reminding ourselves how important we are & how we need to remind each other.

Thank You!!"

- Carole

"I haven't offered feedback in a long time but please know I love getting these weekly pick me ups with great helpful tips... Maybe I don't give feedback because I still feel stuck in life despite all of your best efforts but it is all so helpful... thank you again... reading "Girl, Stop Apologizing" now... thank you again for loving and supporting and encouraging  all of us lost souls..."

- Lynn

"hey! I love reading these every week. This one really hit home this time. I really do find it hard but reading this one this time made it feel doable again (to know that all it takes is learning it for myself. damn there's been alot of that lately.) and why haven't I already thought of this type of moment. Thank you for making a difference one person at a time!"

- Jenn

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