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WOW I’ve been WRONG about this all these years!!

This is going to be a really different subject for me to discuss because I usually talk about past experiences in hopes that it might help you, but this realization is in real time, as in … I’m just wrapping my head around it.

I’ve been interested in and studied self-improvement and spiritual growth for over 20 years. Happiness hasn’t always been so easy for me. I have read that a person has to accept Responsibility for EVERYTHING in their life. I’m good with that. I receive everything that happens as a reflection of my choices. However … I have recently done a lot of soul searching, only to realize that I’ve it had wrong all these years.

I figured accepting Responsibility meant that when I was poorly treated, I must deserve it or that it is my fault in some way. At times I’ve thought “I must’ve done something pretty shitty to deserve this, but hey, it’s my responsibility so I’ll own it”  I felt that accepting Responsibility meant that it was all my fault; I caused it, I triggered it, I needed to fix it. It was all MY ISSUE, and I was to accept the Responsibility for it.


I’ve had it wrong all these years!!

I don’t have to accept someone else’s bad behavior as my Responsibility. It’s not my fault. It’s not a payment I owe. I don’t deserve it as some kind of karma. I don’t cause bad behavior.

NO!! NO!! NO!!


Yes, I am to be RESPONSIBLE for my life and the way it is, HOWEVER … I BELIEVE that means that I am RESPONSIBLE to remove myself from shit that doesn’t serve my life for the better. Not Accept Responsibility of blame or fault. I’m RESPONSIBLE to live a happy life, not one where I’m trying to even the score in a game I never agreed to play.

YES, I’m Completely Responsible for my life and at times that just means I’m responsible for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and I need to be Responsible enough to leave.

It’s really that simple …

OMG, My Friend, this has been such an eye-opener for me. Maybe you already had it figured out, but just in case, I want you to know … We Are Responsible for Our Own Happiness and Our Own Behavior … But NOT Responsible to put up with unhappiness and bullshit because we feel like we got ourselves into the situation, so you deserve it.


I can’t believe I had that so backward… thank God I pulled my head out of my ass!! NOW … I will own my happiness … THAT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY!!

We are responsible for our happiness … Let’s make our choices accordingly. 😉

💜 Diana oxox

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