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SIMPLE Teriyaki Chicken & Broccoli

Rotisserie Chicken (or leftovers)

Uncle Ben's 90-second rice

Broccoli Florets

Teriyaki Sauce

Add broccoli florets to a pan sprayed with nonstick and 2 TBSP of water. Cook under a lid for a couple of minutes to get a bright green color. (don't overcook) Remove the lid and add chopped up chicken and a couple of tablespoons of your favorite teriyaki sauce. Toss and heat until everything is coated and hot.

Cook the rice as directed, 90 seconds in the microwave.

Spoon the teriyaki mixture over the rice and drizzle with sauce. I drizzle straight from the bottle because it's sweeter, thicker and richer than the sauce in the pan, be careful a little goes a long way. Panda express will miss you!! Enjoy

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