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Stuffed Meatballs

You can always find these in my fridge, they are a staple especially if you live a low carb lifestyle. Having good meat leftovers is a must when hunger pains hit otherwise chips and crackers are too easy to grab.

I call these "loaded" because that's exactly what they are ... LOADED!! Pictured, you see carrots and cabbage in that batch. I had a bit of bagged coleslaw leftover so I dumped it in. I also prefer small chunks of cheese as opposed to graded so that you end up with little pockets of goodness but I had some bags that needed to be used, so I added those. You get the idea ... stuff them with whatever you've got.

This recipe is just a guide to give you ideas. Mine is a little different every time I make them depending on what I have that needs to be eaten. Sometimes I'm feeling a bit cheesy, perhaps spicy every now and then, and other times I want them smothered in BBQ sauce. Use your imagination and get creative. Have fun and be confident in that ... You Can't Screw Them Up!!

I strongly recommend that you use an air fryer. 👉🏼

I did a video comparing the air fryer to the oven. The difference Blew My Mind. Check it out here 👉🏼


I use a combination of ground meats. I like the tender texture better, ground beef is really heavy on its own. You can you whatever ground meats you prefer.

1# Ground Beef

1# Ground Pork

1 +/- Cup Diced Veggies (whatever you have on hand, roasted add the most flavor)

1/2 Cup Salsa (a must for moisture and flavor)

1/2 Pack Of Meatloaf Seasoning (any seasonings work)

Smoked Tabasco (adds flavor w/o the heat)

1 TBSP Horseradish (if you like it)

1 Egg

1 TBSP Chopped Garlic (optional ... haha... as if no garlic is ever an option)

Feeling Cheesy? (add it)

Have any spinach you need to finish up? (dump it in)

Combine everything and form balls as big as you want. Make sure that you chop your veggies really small so that they don't prevent the meatballs from staying together.

Air fry at 400 for about 10 minutes. If you want to add bbq sauce in the last couple of minutes you will get the delicious glaze that you see in the picture. Don't add it in the beginning or it will burn before the meat is cooked.

I have no idea how long they would take on the stovetop because, I'll be honest, I lost patience and put them in the air fryer when I was making a batch to compare the air fryer vs. stovetop. 👉🏼

❌ Bad Joke Alert...

I could never be a doctor because I have no "patients" 🤣 haha get it?

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