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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The My Best Life Journal is finally available so that practicing gratitude is guided and easy. I do realize though, that there may be times that you may not have an easy time finding things to be grateful for. It's called a practice for very good reason, it has to be practiced daily to get good at it ... just like a musical instrument or sport ... practice makes you better and better.

What are you grateful for and why? It's not enough to just list what you are grateful for, you need to reflect on why you are thankful. Give thanks for even the smallest things and really focus on the positive blessings in your life.

Here are some ideas ...

✨ YOU. First (ALWAYS FIRST) love on yourself 💜 Your smile, your heart, the legs that hold you, or the arms that hold your children.

✨ NATURE. The cool breeze, the needed rain, the blooms on the trees or the flowers that smell pretty

✨ A STRANGER. The customer service rep, the man that held your door or the driver that let you change lanes

✨ SOMEONE ELSE. Give gratitude for the good in someone else's life. Your sister got a raise, your daughter bought a house, your best friend fell in love

✨ PARTNER/SPOUSE, KIDS, or FUR~BABIES. A pat on the butt, little arms wrapping around your neck when needed most or wagging tail happy to see you

You might already have a My Best Life Journal guiding you through gratitude every day, but perhaps you have a friend, kiddo, or spouse that needs a guide. Click the button below for your gift, 5 Days of Gratitude with some coloring area to relax and get artsy.

5 Days of Gratitude Printable
Download PDF • 204KB

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