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Only too old for Procrastination, Excuses and Opinions of others.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking … I’m too old for that. It’s too late to start. I always wanted to but it has passed me by. I’m too old to learn how. It’s a younger generation thing. I’ll be way behind by the time I figure that out. The list could go on and on.

Imagine, for a minute, if you had no idea how old you were.

I got this idea, originally, from listening to a interview with Tara Westover, author of Educated. She grew up entirely sheltered, not even knowing exactly how old she was. I thought HOW COOL IS THAT!?! To not be limited by age … AWESOME!! Then in personal coaching this week with Rachel Hollis, author of Girl Wash Your Face, she asked what limiting beliefs are holding us back from going after what we really want. It blew my mind that most of the women responded with I’m too old . I couldn’t help but wonder what they thought they were too old for. Joy? To learn? To grow? Too old for what exactly?

The too old commentary tries to interrupt me when I’m learning something new and confusion or doubt creeps in. I think it would come easier to someone younger . Then I realize how much BS that is!! Struggling to learn something new has nothing to do with my age, it has everything to do with trying to learn something new. When infants struggle to walk, they don’t try, take a tumble and just stop trying because they are too young. It’s tough to learn something new, at any age. Age isn’t limiting you. It’s a lack of the tenacity, confidence and vision it takes to learn new things. Sorry if that stung, but come on Ladies, we are never to old. Think about it … behind a computer screen, does anyone know your age? When you shop, are there age limits on the price tags? I just made a vet appointment for my little Dixie Olive, her butt breath is killing me, they didn’t ask how old I was. Nobody cares how old you are … EXCEPT YOU!! You are using age as an excuse. It’s a limiting belief that isn’t serving you!!

When I was a 24 year old Realtor, I remembering having a lack of confidence and feeling like I was too young to be advising people on such an important purchase as buying a home. It took me a few years to realize that nobody cared how old I was. What was important to clients is that I had the legal knowledge needed, provided great customer service and a key to open the door. In hindsight it’s silly to think I thought I was too young then and now my mind can wander to I’m too old . Age is a number and if you had no idea what your number was … what would you do right now? What a freeing feeling!! What would you do if you thought you were half you age? GO DO THAT 😉

You are only TOO OLD for Procrastination, Excuses and other people’s Opinions. ~ Diana Smith

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