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Men Are Not Born With Some Innate Power …

I’d like to share a story with you because I think it is an issue a lot of us face. Doubting we can do something. Letting our nerves get the best of us. Fear of doing it because you haven’t done it before. The list can go on and on …

Last weekend I was at a wedding, with friends, and one woman needed a ride to the airport the following day. She had an early flight so, as you can imagine, there were not many volunteers to drive her. However, a couple of people offered to pay for a rental car, so she could get herself there. SHE PANICKED!! As in … All Hell Broke Loose!! She kept saying “I can’t get myself to the airport! I’ve never done it and I will get lost and and and …”

I remembered something that the airport staff had told me, years ago, when I started traveling alone and was nervous about finding my way to the right gates. He said “Do you have any idea the millions of dollars spent so that navigating an airport is easy for everyone? It’s made as simple as possible, just read signs and look around.” That has comforted me for years. So, of course, I shared this with her. Well … It didn’t comfort her in the same way it did me. HaHa

Then, in another attempt to encourage her I tried “Nobody else knows any more than you. Just drive slow and look at signs to return the car. You Got This!!” She replied with “I’ve gotten lost before!” She was still in a panic and I’m not sure that “Well obviously you need to read more carefully” was the right response (insert shoulder shrugging emoji 😉 LoL

Needless to say after hearing “I can’t. I can’t. I can’t” enough times I gave up because at this point I was a bit dumbfounded that she Truly Believed she wasn’t capable of getting herself to an airport and returning the rental car. I kept thinking … Does she believe that men were born with some innate power to navigate airports? That it’s a man’s role to get us where we need to be? Does a guy have a sixth sense about these things? Let’s be real … we Ladies are always giving direction anyway 😉

Come On!! We are all just as capable!!

I do understand that at times it’s nice to have someone else do something to help. It’s way more relaxing to know that the responsibility is on someone else’s shoulders. But the bottom line is … YOU CAN DO IT!!

Don’t believe that you can’t do anything. It puts you at the mercy of others and it Gives Your Power Away. Don’t Do That!! Always Know That YOU CAN DO IT!! It might be scary, you may be nervous, and doubt might creep in. Just remind yourself … nobody is born knowing how to do anything but breathe … You Can Figure It Out!!

YOU’VE GOT THIS … No matter What THIS Is 😉 oxox

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