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Keep the promises you make to yourself. Always ;)

From now on, I promise that The Weekly What’s Up and a new blog post will be published every Thursday. :~) I hadn’t committed to a deadline so I get a bit frantic as the end of the week approaches causing me to turn up my hustle. I kept wanting a Thursday deadline but I figured if I didn’t tell anyone I could just keep make excuses to myself as to why it wasn’t accomplished. No More BS!! I’m going to start keeping the promises that I make to myself.

I share this struggle because I’m not alone, you do the same thing!! You know ya do 😉 I thought I was the only one secretly disappointing myself, over and over again, until I read about it in Girl,Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. She devoted an entire chapter to it. Saying If you constantly make and break promises to yourself, you’re not making promises at all. You’re talking. This is not okay. If you want it you will find a way, if you don’t you will find an excuse. We have to stop breaking promises that we make to ourselves … I’ll start the diet next week, I’ll make that call tomorrow, I’ll finish the newsletter at some point 😉 You get the idea. If you haven’t read her book it’s a must read!! I’ve been stalking my mailbox since I ordered her newest book Girl, Stop Apologizing . It was released on Tuesday and is already an Amazon best seller. WOW :~0

What promise are you going to MAKE AND KEEP to yourself this week?

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