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Hash & Eggs

Hash is pretty much just a conglomeration of anything you have, chopped up and tossed together in one pan. It can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Get creative and have fun with it.  Helpful hint right here … even if the food wasn’t delish last night, once you put it all together, it’s tasty.  Trust me, I just did it with jerk chicken that was nasty at dinner but this morning put together with veggies, potatoes and topped with an egg … it wasn’t bad 🙂

The amounts of ingredients depend on how hungry you are and how many mouths you plan to feed.

Cooking oil or ghee (don’t use just butter because it will burn)




Saute those until the onions & mushrooms are almost how you like them. (they will cook more as the meat heats up)

Add meat (I had ham sandwich meat) Now is also when you would add cooked leftover potatoes if you want.

Once everything is warm add a bunch (big bunch because it disappears) of fresh spinach and combine.  Then, push to the side of the pan so you have room to cook the eggs.   The spinach will wilt as you cook your eggs. You just want it wilted so it’s a beautiful green and retains some texture.

Cook your eggs however you like, then serve on top of the hash.  Enjoy 🙂

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