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Great Balls of Goodness

These are AMAZING little balls of healthy goodness!!

Quick Oats

Peanut Butter (any nut butter will work)


Dark Chocolate Chips (if you want)

Cashews (any nuts or seeds)

Craisins (optional but wonderful)

Cinnamon (speeds metabolism)

Thrive Lifestyle Protein Powder (any will do)

Mix everything together in the measurements you want according to how much you intend to make. I started with 2 cups of oats, then put in all the goodies listed above. Add honey and peanut butter until it sticks together. The protein powder helped firm them up while adding nutrition. Roll into little balls and refrigerate. ENJOY!

The idea of this recipe is to just put together what you want and stick it together with peanut butter and honey. Feel free to customize it with whatever your heart desires. If you don’t want the oats you can use ground nuts. Just put them in a coffee grinder and use that as your base. I have done this with cashews and it’s To Die For Good :~0

Christina M. we can’t THANK YOU enough for submitting this recipe!! They are fun to make and even more fun to eat. We appreciate you!!

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