Hey Pretty Lady!!

The Heavens Above sent me a GIFT for my 50th Birthday!! Seriously PERFECT timing, and it’s a gift the Keeps On Giving. 🎁

I was always asking myself how I could have dry, sensitive skin, and still be getting breakout at my age? How could I spend so much money on skincare products but NEVER get VISIBLE Results? None of my skin issues are from a lack of effort either, I have always taken good care of my skin, especially since I have a very active outdoor lifestyle in the sun and wind.

Interesting fact, did you know that the wind can do just as much damage as the sun? A lot of uneven skin tone is from the wind, not the sun. Just a side note 😉

Not even Botox helped my “grooves at rest” (dermatologist lingo) that had settled across my forehead. Then all those harsh chemicals that are supposed to be beneficial, well those sting the heck out of my face. The pain, swelling and redness are way more prominent then any improvement I was supposed to get.

To top it all off, I have a huge smile that is great at showing the world my Joy. However, it also creates lines EVERYWHERE. I just figured it is what it is, and I’m just going to keep on smiling. I’d tried everything, so I was resigned to embracing the signs of aging. 😎

THEN IT HAPPENED … The week I turned 50 a REVOLUTIONARY New Product Containing CBD Oil Was Released 🎁 It’s the First of it’s kind, and I am THRILLED!! If you don’t know the Magic Benefits of CBD Oil Google it. It will Excite the heck out of you … I PROMISE!!

FINALLY, 3 Simple Steps are giving people VISIBLE RESULTS in as little as ONE USE … YES, ONE 😍

I was immediately impressed that none of the products stung my sensitive skin; in fact, it’s very soothing. And about those “grooves at rest” within only a couple days they were smoothing out. Funny story, I realized that they were smoothing out because they left white tan lines … yep … wrinkle tan lines is a thing 😆

You are going to love what it does for your face; erasing fine lines, evening out skin tone, getting rid of puffiness, fading scars and age spots, etc. It’ll blow your mind what it does to smooth your neck and chest. And we all love our babies, but saying goodbye to the loose skin and stretch marks would be a bonus … CBD Oil to the RESCUE there too!!

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so shoot me an email and I will get some before and afters to you. Everyone is enjoying relief from rosacea to acne and stretch marks to varicose veins. Honestly, I see improvements in places I didn’t know needed improving. 💖

It’s Time To LOVE The SKIN You Are In.

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